Friday, July 8, 2011


I love birds.  Mocking Birds in the neighborhood attack my hair.  Nesting building perhaps.  It is particularly bad this year.  So bad I stopped walking down to fetch the mail.  Consequently, no sunlight, doc says Vitamin D3. I had no idea there would be consequences to not being outside regularly.
We have ducks in the neighborhood.  Sweet waddling huge ducks.  Everyone is careful with their cars and they go where the please.  Out for their daily stroll through the neighborhood.

Flocks of egrets in the backyard looking for something to eat.
I never miss a chance for a picture.

If I could only find owls in the neighborhood, I would be happy.  The Eagles are by the river, but I don't know where the hummingbirds are.  Might be too warm for them.


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