Thursday, July 7, 2011

Flying at Sunset

The view can be incredible. . . the clouds reveal their feelings. . .soft, pink, fluffy waiting to be appreciated.  Sometimes flying through them, I see white fog rolling by.  High above them looking down and across, I see the sun in them.  Soon they will only be white with the dark sky above. My thoughts begin to wander, are they soft to step upon, or would I sink through them. They look tight but I would have to take huge steps to get from one to the other.
They are beautiful to look upon.  These soft pink fuzzy things don't look like the monsters that bring rain, thunder and lightening.  Rain is water that we need and lightening is good for the flowers.  However, thunder sounds scary if it comes in loud and beside you.
These are happy clouds a perfect ending to a wonderful vacation.  Blessings, JKW

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