Friday, May 18, 2012

Paint Chip Challenge is completed

This was truly a double challenge for me.  At the AQS website My Quilt Place there was a Paint Chip Challenge.  We could make anything we wanted providing we use the colors of paint chips that we received after April 1.  We could use any materials.

The most hated color in the color wheel for me has always been the color PINK.  Even my girlfriend knows when she asks me 'does this look alright' that if it's pink, it's hard for me to tell her (albeit, double challenge).  We could also use 1 neutral . . . wherein, I chose white.

I chose to make cottages (you know me, always looking for my cottage), a palm tree and a flamingo at sunset. I used fabric, yarn and thread (crochet), feathers, beads, lace and a chenille wire for a picture.

It was a trial, but I successfully used those colors of pink and the satisfaction is a good feeling.


1 comment:

  1. What a challenge, Janet, for someone who does not like pink. You did very well. Love the flamingo.