Monday, December 17, 2012

Church Christmas Pageant

New Horizon Worship Center had their Christmas Pageant Sunday
The Carol Medley Talk Show
played by Pastor Jean Mathai

 Interviewing our Star memorizer - Jonathan Massena
 A great group of musicians
 Brother James Culmer was on drums in the far left corner not pictured with flute, Ron Noble, sax, Jordan Mathai and keyboard Jonathan Mathai above
Pastor Jean/Carol Medley interviewing Ms. Shelah Johnson a great singer.

The Nobles wrote 'the book' on psychology. Elsa Noble and Steve Davis are being interviewed.
 Carol Medley had the singers tell them what it should be about.
The Mime, Jordan Mathai has great talent and gave a very moving performance.
The Children

The Ensemble and the Director Sister Armenta (far right)
 Pastor Mathai and Sister Conchitta Johnson prayers for going on the road to visit family.
 They all were wonderful. There is so much talent, hard work, and Love in the church. I am proud to be part of this wonderful, spiritual group.

God Bless and Merry Christmas

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