Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

This is the way the church celebrated ringing in the New Year. . . Happy 2013. It was a wonderful celebration into the new year. I certainly prefer celebrating this way.

Daphne's son has picture taken by Pastor Jean.

The line up: Amos, Sislynn, Jonathan, Elsa, Jordan, James and son and Jonathan Massena

James and Aminta's son doesn't want to quit hitting the wall. 
It was therapeutic, I was amazed.

Pastor Mathai swings the first hammer.

Pastor Mathai and Brother James Culmer get ready to hit the wall.

 There was plenty of praise and singing during 2012

Elsa Noble sang all the old songs. Countdown is on. .  . .

Ron Noble, Jordan and Jonathan Mathai

Pastor Mathai, James on Drums, Arminta, Sislynn, Shelah and Jonathan Matai on keyboard.

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