Wednesday, May 8, 2013

New Bird - Redheaded Wood Pecker

I took food to the Bridge today. The Brown Egrets were there.

 The ducks all came over (after I had fed the turtles in the canal).
 Whoops, this little gal had crossed the street and thankfully the cars stopped for her.
 Well, guys and gals, if you had gotten here sooner, you could have had more. . . turtles were already here and hungry first.
 In one of the complexes, I saw a Red-headed wood pecker. 
 Busy flying tree to tree for the morning breakfast bugs.
 Look to the left and under the greenery to find him.
 And his close up, he blends pretty well with the pretty red flowering bush.

You need not understand in order to accept. The first step towards developing an understanding, is simply accepting others for who they are.

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