Thursday, May 30, 2013

Rainbow God's Promise and Ducks

OK, we take our bath in the morning, at least in the community.

 Why, Hello . . . . getting a drink. .  .
 Whoops, I almost didn't see #3 in the back by the tennis court.

 This is totally another area of the Community. . . and then there were 6.
 I didn't see there were 3 until the one above walked out.
 There were 2 bridge ducks and a 3rd down toward the other end.
 And one across the street.
 This is the look of the sky when I started out (for the second time, it rained on me the first time out).
 The clouds were very scaring other walkers away. .. I had to get back for an 8 a.m. appt.
 A Rainbow is God's Promise to us. . . 1John2:25
 It is beautiful. . . everything is so beautiful here.
Nature is always in all her Glory.
Live in the moment and make it so Beautiful that it will be worth remembering.

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