Friday, June 21, 2013

Blue Heron

Beautiful Blue Heron
 . . . and shadow
 Ducks are going north on the canal.
Community Duck. . . . only one today. Earlier as I was walking this way one flew overhead north.
 Whoops, you need to prune your feather fella.
On my 2.5 mile walk I meet a lot of people. Today I met Julie and her pups Lucky. As we talked, we both became aware that we could help each other. God was in our meeting. . . we saw His light in each other. We prayed for our dear Sister who is undergoing surgery this morning.  What a wondrous occasion. . . stay alert, an angel is always around. . . help is on the way.
IF someone can put up with you through your WORST DAYS and stick with you and your mistakes. Then, you know it’s REAL. You shouldn’t LET THEM GO!

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