Thursday, June 20, 2013

God is Wondrous - Ducks, Turtles and Girlfriend

New community Ducks. . . .
 Two are here . . . . and 
 one is here. . . .
 All three.
 Canal duck
 My girlfriend lives 3 communities down from me and I was so wondrously surprised to see her walking too.  We joined together and walked through her community.
Ducks love sidewalk grates where dew and water collect for their drinking.
 Here she is when we first met up on my side of the canal/bridge.

God has many surprises in store for us if we just keep watching. The day is beautiful, albeit getting hotter and hotter as the summer season moves in on us.  I have to go out earlier and earlier.
Too many people go through life running from something that isn’t after them.

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