Sunday, July 7, 2013

Saturday Ducks and Good Morning Church Sunday

Do you see what I see. . . . Mr. Duck between tree and post.
He's walking away and look who's following. . .
 They are hurrying across the street. . .
 and down the road. . . .
 and into the yard and around the corner. . .Why?
 Look who is dallying. . . whoops. . .she'll have to find them.
 Sunday morning Conchitta Johnson sings a beautiful tune.
 7 people came into the church last Sunday and there is the 8th
Jonathan Massena
Pastor Mathai and the elders
James Culmer, Pastor Jean Mathai, Conchitta Johnson, Elder Ron Noble and Sister Amenta Culmer

I lost my husband 12 years ago today.
1940 - 2001
May he rest in peace.
Many Blessings,
Even the winds and the waves obey Him and He calms the raging sea with one word from His lips. It is only in hearing His voice that the storm of the soul finds peace and only in keeping our minds on Him do we find quietness and confidence. ~ Isaiah 30:15

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