Monday, August 19, 2013

Sunrise, Ducks and Writers Tips

I apologize for the blur so early in the morning.
I wanted to show how dark it was when I saw him ambling over to me.
Here is how the background of the canal looked.
 It began to get lighter as I walked.

Finally by the time I reached the bridge again, here are the teens 
playing in the water and patiently waiting for breakfast.
Another view.
 Everyone else is across the street.
 Finally, the sun is coming up, just so cloudy.
But thankfully a good breeze. . .it's been over 100 degrees feels like.
If any of you are writers, I want to share with you a web site I recently ran across. She uses Psalm 23 as her guide to help you on your way.  Please check out Praying Psalm 23 For Writers for encouragement and guidance.

Don’t let FEAR hold you back. Let it fuel you forward.

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