Saturday, September 28, 2013

Moon, Clouds, Egrets came to Duck Breakfast Club

The Moon (37 percent) and Star early this morning.
Clouds. . ..
 . . .many clouds
 Here they are. . .waiting patiently.
 Many egrets flying in. . .as the line up proceeds to the table.
 Hey, Wait a minute. . . .
 Ok Ok, we'll share. . .
 Who's that. . .?
 Looks like a Heron, nope, it's a brown Egret. Awwww. . . .
Plane coming in. . .above the very pink cloud.
One. . .One tree can start a forest; One smile can begin a friendship; One hand can lift a soul; One word can frame the goal; One candle can wipe out darkness; One laugh can conquer gloom; One hope can raise your spirits; One touch can show you care;  One life can make a difference; BE that ONE TODAY!

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