Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Walking this morning was cut way short and I did not make it to the ducks.
I had to find a Bus Shelter, thankfully there was one a block away.
My friend was already under it. So I had company until the rain slacked up.
This will teach me the lesson of 'Always carry an Umbrella.'
You can see the shelter roof here.
It looks like it's not raining that way (toward the ducks).
But at 60 percent rain chance, we decided to head for home. 
There are still more clouds.  When I got in the door I took off
my walkers (shoes) and saw the lightening.. .. it doesn't 'look' that bad! 
Whew . . . got home in time.
Ahh, but 3 minutes later. . . .Sunrise peeking through the clouds.
 Clouds are getting prettied up.
7 minutes later the clouds albeit are bright, most of them are dark.
And now 20 minutes since I walked in the door, the thunder and lightening are all around.
Sometimes when you set out to help yourself, you end up helping everybody~Elizabeth Gilbert
Therefore we will not fear, though the earth should change.~Psalm 46:2

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