Monday, September 23, 2013

Sunrise, Ducks, Plane

First walking, been out awhile, but it's still too dark to feed.
They are the three white spots bottom center.
Sunrise, perhaps!!
The street lights and car lights are still on. The two leaders are coming. . .
and the line-up behind them. . .
For the Breakfast Club.
There are quite a few ducks. . .
and these three are finished and satisfied.
On the other side of the canal coming straight toward me. . .
a late comer and the food is gone. 
As I go toward home a lost dog is trying to find home. . .
I first saw the dog in my community. 
The moon is still bright, albeit not full.
More Sunrise 30 minutes later.
I couldn't resist catching the plane on camera.
 If God intends it nothing can prevent it. 

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