Saturday, December 7, 2013

Clouds, Ducks, Squirrel and rain!!

 I stepped outside and this is what I saw toward the East.  
Oh, this doesn't look good.
 The Ducks are waiting. . . only 3.
 The Duck Breakfast Club knows when I'm there.
 The 8 are there.  The Egrets do not eat the Duck Food.
 The Anhinga is back. The reflections are amazing.
As you can see, it is still cloudy.
 But in the West the clouds are parting. . .
 . . . and make for an interesting variation between east and, again, 
this is looking west.
 The Mocking Bird on top of the house and the Squirrel posing.
 The rain caught up with me. It was only a drizzle/gentle type of rain, but wet none-the-less.

Everything comes to you in the right moment. Be Patient.

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