Saturday, January 18, 2014

Mystery Writers Association of FL

 I attended the Mystery Writers luncheon meeting today. There is always a lot of good information and they are forthcoming on advice and information. The friendliest group ever.
Our new President Nancy Cohen.
She writes humorous mystery's and paranormal romance.
 Elaine Viets my friend and author.
I have known and been reading her wonderful and fun books for years.
 Our main speaker today. Eric Flowers of the Indian River Sheriff's office.
He talked to us about "Tips on Writing about Criminal Investigation.
The talk was informative, interesting, amusing and totally inspiring.
 Some of our wonderful authors.
More of our wonderful authors.
This is an amazing and talented group of writers that share, enjoy, and are fruitful. I am happy to be amongst them.  I believe I will finish my newest production and finally publish. This has been a year of trials and errors and it is coming to fruition for me as a new path.  I have been molded, guided and taught and I am ready to go to the next plateau.
Trust in His timing,
Rely on His promises,
Wait for His answers,
Believe in His miracles,
Rejoice in His goodness,

Relax in His presence.

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