Thursday, January 23, 2014

Neighborhood Gathering

Good Morning.  The Neighbors that live on my street gave an "Open House Getting to Know Each Other" party 5 apartments out of 9 invited (some are empty) came to celebrate. I made cookies (remember the White Heron in the backyard. . .I had to stop and take pictures. No, none of them burned, it was before I put them in the oven.  Everyone loved them.
However, look at the wonderful delicious food that was served, whoops, I didn't know they had That. . .dang, I missed one. . . .no two!!!  My cookies are on the side bar awaiting their turn.  You saw a pic of them last blog.

I noticed the flowers and had to get those. I am partial to flowers.
The first year I retired, I bought myself flowers every Friday.
 Rose one of the neighbors and my good friend is 93.
She will be 94 in July.
The evening was a huge success.  I knew who my neighbors were, but now I Know my neighbors. This is the best bunch since I moved in 15 years ago.  They are exciting, fun and I love the stories they tell.  No one said a word about another neighbor or talked about any One person in the whole complex. What a refreshing group of people. We all play Dominos . . .now that will be an evening!  Too cold for a grand Bar-be-que. . .I know one of them has a bar-be and outdoor patio, whoops, they know who they are and they love having party's too.

Eight people were there. The following states/countries were represented US: IL, ME, NJ, NC, NY; Honduras and Canada.   Our heritages include Scot/Irish, Poland, German. . .I don't have a few of them.  So interesting.  Three couples only stay part of the time "Snow Birds" so Rose and I are the only permanent residents.  She lived on the west coast (FL) first, but her daughter talked her into come over to the East coast. I'm glad she did, however, Rose loves the other side and misses it. Yes, there is that much difference between the East and West coasts of FL.  I love the Heat of it.

Each of us should please his neighbor for his good, to build him up. Romans 15:2
No man is an island unto himself. ~ John Donne

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