Thursday, January 2, 2014

Okeeheelee Park

 I mailed a letter at the letter box, walked around and down to the canal.
Fed the ducks and then took off toward Okeeheelee Park.
This is a great nature center park. I missed the first rays, 
here is what the sunrise looked like from the park.
. . .and there are ducks. . .they look like they knew me!!!
Yep, I still have some duck food in my pocket.
Now how would they know that??? I did NOT feed them.
 Sunrise from another angle.
On the board walk. . .yes, there are fish somewhere in all that grass.
 I love the mirror images.
 These look like Anhinga's.
 The sun reflecting off the water.
 Yep, Anhinga birds drying their feathers on a feeding post.
 These are the Dusky Moorhen water birds.
 River Grass
 Okeeheelee Fishing sign with feed post behind.
 Squirrel. . .beautiful. . .this one is a poser.
 Fluffy tails.
 Another poser. . .cute squirrels and playful.
 OK, this is the wrong end up.
Two playing. . . .fun.
 Chickadee and Crow.
 Three birds in the picture.
Not sure what this one is. . .he's on the right above.
 That was one of the best and most fun walks I've had. I will go back. They do have Bird walks and classes. . .Looks like a good 2014 coming up for pictures, birds and . . . .

Each day I am thankful for Nights that turned into Mornings; Friends that turned into Family; Dreams that turned into Reality; and Likes that turned into Love.

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