Friday, January 10, 2014

Sun(?), Clouds and 9 Breakfast Club Ducks

 Today is the first day without rain later in the day that I could walk since Monday.
 It does not look promising that we won't have more rain!!
So far we've had 11 to 18 inches (2 months worth) in 10 hours.
Flooding is everywhere and I-95 was shut down (southbound).
No ducks. . . . .Oh, there you are. . .in the canal, up he comes.
 As I call to him, three more are swimming toward me.
 So far there are 8 ducks. . . .and a crow!
 The Duck Breakfast Club is famished.
Whoops, here comes the bigger duck. . .9 ducks.
 Finally, back up to 9 ducks. I'm glad they know me
and come running when I have food.
However, today I should have brought double servings.
So glad to see them.  Walkers were out later today. . .probably earlier too, there was some . . .hummmm, what is that called. . .Oh Yes, Sun!!!!  I'm hoping she kicks her covers off and comes all the way out. . .it is rather humid at mid-70 degrees.  But as long as there is Sunshine!

Love the people God gave you because He will need them back one day.

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