Saturday, January 11, 2014

Sunrise Clouds Ducks, Squirrel, Anhinga, Heron and Blue Sky!!

This morning the sunrise was Late!
 Clouds were all pretty and taking it in.. . . . finally.
 I got a very very late start because of the rain, however, 
Look what I found crossing the sidewalk. . .
 And posing for me so prettily. . . .
 Three ducks on the other bank.
 One swimming toward me (just like the other day).
 Here the 3 come to meet me.
 Still coming . . . .
 Look who just flew in while I'm waiting. . .Heron.
Love the image in the water.
 Fishing. . . .looking hard into the water for fish.
Finally, the make it to the Breakfast Club, but only four.

Oops. . .here comes another. . .better hurry breakfast is being eaten fast.
 Anhinga is drying off across the bridge.
 I had to take one more picture of Blue Sky, it's been so long since I've seen it.

When God closes a door. He always opens a new one. God knows best which door will bring us to the right destination.


  1. That's a Double-crested Cormorant, not an anhinga.

    1. The Anhinga is behind the fence. . .are you saying that's the Cormorant or the bird I called the Heron above him? Thanks so much for all your help. Birds are amazing to me. Blessings, Janet