Friday, February 7, 2014

Peggy Adams and Huge Goose

Peggy Adams is a Humane Society in Palm Beach County. They have an abundance of services for the people and the whole communities. Visit their website to see how they can help you as well as you helping them.

I toured the campus as a recruit for volunteering.
I saw the largest Geese I've ever seen in person.
The one looks like Mother Goose.
 At first I thought they were statues. . . .
 . . . then they moved.

 that one in the back bent over, whew, now that's a 'big' butt!
 They are so precious, albeit, they would make my Muscovy ducks look like miniatures.

I don’t think it matters how long you live, as long as you can say: I’ve gotten everything out of life. ~ Margaret Moth 1951-2011 CNN war-zone camerawoman

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