Monday, February 24, 2014

Sunrise, Moon clouds, Ducks and Limpkin

Sunrise, she's thinking about it.
 Moon is partial hidden behind the clouds (or fog).
Waning. . .27 percent full.
 She shining on the cloud which looks full of something!
 I often wonder if angels paint the sky. . . fingers of clouds.
 Same sky only 5 minutes later.  .Golden.
 Amazing how the sky changes color within minutes 
while the sun is getting up, from red, to pink to golden.
 Before the sun is fully up, I find 2 ducks.
 One of them is a female Mallard.
 Limpkin . . . . finally found the correct name for him.
 Muscovy duck, she's the only one here. . . as I was
feeding her another one flew in.
 I did see 2 female Mallards across the street.
I crossed the street, but they flew across the canal.
 They are very shy and very afraid.  I put their
breakfast out and walked away. I looked back and
they are enjoying their cracked corn.
Lots of plane action this afternoon.
 . . .pretty clouds and lots of Blue Sky!
Done is better than perfect. ~ Lynn Cohen

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