Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Sunrise, Red Clouds, Ducks, Blue Heron and Squirrel

Here is the 'poser' Squirrel. He always stops and lets me take his picture.
 Looking west later in the morning clouds and Plane.
Pretty little bush with Big flowers ~ Hibiscus

 Everybody is hungry.
 Blue Heron
 There is mama and 2 babies across the canal.
 She flies over and waits for babies ~ swimming fast, I barely catch one in pic.
Duck Breakfast Club. . . 5 ducks and 2 ducklings.
 Round hole in the clouds with pink streaks.
 I was out before sunup. . .sort of. . .she has to lift the Shade!
 A bit later, she's trying to shine. . . .
 Wow, what a pretty Shade she trying to shine. . .
 Clouds are beautiful this morning. . . . Sailors warning!
 A bit later. . . .

Blood makes you related. Loyalty makes you family.

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