Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Sunrise, Angel Clouds, and Duck

 The first thing I saw was the beauty of the pink clouds reflected on the water.
The sun is peaking over the horizon.
 There is a speck of a plane in those pink clouds, he decided
to turn just as I took the picture.
 I love to see the tops of the clouds reflecting the sun.
uh oh, I see Angel wings.
 Sunrise. . . .Beautiful.
One duck comes running up from the canal.
One-Duck Breakfast Club this morning.


Each day do a little something which gets you a little further towards the life you desire. Although you might not notice all the good you’re doing along the way. . . one day soon you will look back at where you once were, then look around at where you now are, and you will be amazed. ~ Solmansohn

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