Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Sunrise, Ibis, Coots, Squirrel and Duck Breakfast Club

 Beginning Sunrise.
 There is a duck among the Ibis . . . someone had thrown bread out.
 She went for a drink before crossing the canal.
 A different duck on the fence.
 But they all come over for breakfast, even the 2 across the street.
 However, the other male duck didn't eat, he left immediately, because he
was chased away by the male duck on the north side.
 2 American Coots flew in (upper right corner); duck and Ibis.
 Squirrel stopped to pose in mid-street. Love the sunlight 
casting shadows on the bushes and trees.

Trouble comes to pass, not to stay. You can trust God to give you the courage that is required to do anything or face anything. Challenge comes to teach you, not break you.

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