Thursday, March 6, 2014

Sunrise, Red Clouds. . Front of the storm, Rainbow, Mallards, Ducks and Turtles

Sunrise and clouds.

             Swirly Clouds

RAINBOW this morning

2 Female Mallards early in morning.
Very shy regarding people, I threw bread crumbs and they ate them 
when they could catch them, because the Ibis kept snapping up the bread too quickly.
They wouldn't let me come close enough so that I could feed them easily.
They are still very new to the area.
 One Duck at the Breakfast Club.
 The south Duck doesn't want to come over.
 Baby turtle on mama's back.
 Hold still mom, I want a ride. . .many of them out today.
Storm clouds. . .the front of the coming Front.

My poinsettia is still alive and kicking.
In order to live the life we desire and set the intention for greater happiness and more meaningful connections with others, we have to release the hold that our past has on us. ~ Deepak Chopra

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