Friday, March 7, 2014

Sunrise, Storm Damage, Ducks, Mallards and Pink Clouds

The Mallards, Muscovy duck and Ibis are at the water.
She is shy. . .but she finally joined.
Two more were up top. Duck Breakfast club has 4 ducks.
 Two female Mallards and two Muscovy ducks, the Ibis doesn't eat duck food.
 Well, Well, look who is leading the brigade (one flew over).
 Storm damage from yesterday's storm. Palm tree lost it's fronds.
one on the back roof. . ..
 one across the swale. . .
 The seeds spattered on the driveway and another part of it is on the lawn.
 Another condo with a frond on it's front roof.
 Pretty pink cloud/sky.
 Lots of pretty ribbons before she came up this morning.
 Looks like an angel painted it.

Fantasies are just delusions, words never actions, hopes that get crushed and dreams that won’t come true—all such pretty little deceptions.

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