Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sunshine, Clouds, Tennis, Duck Breakfast Club ~ North and South

The Sun kicked her covers off before I did, but not so much.
It is not a warm sun in So. FL
I am an hour and a half later. . . waiting for it to warm up, a little.
No chance of that. . .Around the corner comes one duck. . . .
 . . .then another so I feed them AND. . .
 .. .. the third duck pulls up . . . .with a hurt feather.
To the Duck Breakfast Club.
Wait. . . a brown duck must have crossed the street
And is chasing the other 3 away.
They are going away. . . .
Wait, another duck crossed the street. 
There were 5 ducks at the Club this morning.
I look up above me and see the Sea Gull on the Lamp Post.
 Wispy western clouds
 And the sun is a bit higher, but not brighter!!!
 Wait What? Tennis players this morning!

Those who can’t change their minds cannot change anything. George Bernard Shaw

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