Monday, December 22, 2014

Clouds, Sunshine, Turtles, Cormorant and Christmas Decor

Strange clouds this morning.
 Sun is up and out before me this morning.
 All the turtles are playing
 This bird has been ducking under and fishing. . turtles are around him.
 Not black like Anhinga, could be a juvenile or
it looks sort of like a Cormorant. . .turtles around him.
 Plane. . . love to photograph these. Not that far from airport albeit 
this is a close up.
 Whole landscape is decorated. . .gorgeous.
 2 birds talking it over. . .they are pretty small (titmouse?).
 Beautiful plant and decorated light pole.
 Lights and bulbs on this flowering bush.
 Wrapped palm tree trunk.
 OK, this is my second favorite. . .first is lights on each palm frond.
The Christmas balls on the small palm tree are most precious.
 Small indoor porch with wonderful Parakeet sounds.
Outdoor patio is decorate. . . this is the house above on the corner.
 Lots of wonderful plants, lights above windows and JESUS sign under light.
 Presents all over the yard, beautiful flowers and D*U*C*K*S.
Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be Kind. . .Always.

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