Friday, December 19, 2014

Guzmania Bromelaid, Poinsettia, (Home Depot), Panera Bread, Publix and Office Depot

Coffee and Breakfast today.
 Printer Ink and a Roll of stamps.
 Horse Radish, Milk, Eggs.
 Home Depot. . . .Replacing Poinsettia that lasted 11 months.
didn't quite make it to Christmas.
 She sure is a beauty.
 Uh Oh, Guzmania Bromelaid. . .
 I thought it said "indoor" but it is like the Pink one I have had
for so many years, I cannot remember.
 This one. . .the flowers are no longer pink
 Some times when you love something, you repeat it. . .even though they aren't gone yet. I need to find a nursery here.  I would like to have hens/chicks and airplane plant, mint and a few herbs.
True Happiness may be just one tough decision away. ~ Anna Pereira

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