Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Science Museum, Aquarium and Planetariam in WPB

We went to the Science Museum, Aquarium and Planetarium Monday.
 Beautiful clouds and landscape.
 The Egyptian Mummy exhibit is there until mid-April.
 She underwent a CT scan at our St. Mary's hospital in 
West Palm Beach. The story is told above.
This is an amazing Egyptian exhibit with all kinds over 200 authentic artifacts including cosmetics holders, wine jars, shaving 'razors' because the men were clean shaven, kitchen utensils, building tools, needle for embroidery and mending, and households had looms as we have sewing machines. Quite an extraordinary display. . . helps to realize their life at the time. . . not so different than ours in some ways.  If you can see it at all, it is a treasure to behold.
 In nature nothing exists alone. ~ Rachel Carson

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