Monday, March 2, 2015

Sun, Clouds, Ducks, Woodstorks, Ibis, Turtles and Alligator

Sun and Clouds today.
 Wood Stork or Ibis
 Muscovy Duck
 Ibis by the canal what are they looking at?
 Lots and Lots of turtles. . .why?
 Alligator. . .whoops, this gal and her baby are hitching a ride.
 Blackbird. . . .
 . . . . and duck.
Back to walking . . . it is wonderful to be out with nature.
May all that is unforgiven in you be released, May your fears yield their deepest tranquilities, May all that is un-lived in you blossom into a future graced with love. ~ John O’Donohue, Irish poet, author, priest, and Hegelian philosopher

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