Thursday, March 12, 2015

Wednesday's Front, helicopter, Squirrel ~ Today Moon, Clouds, Sun, Alligator, Duck and more

I believe we have all seen a Front come in. . .
 . . . the rumble of clouds and finally rain.
 I did see a helicopter go over.
 The squirrel was climbing the tree, taken through my poor
2005 hurricane damaged window.
 What a beautiful Morning. . . .Waning Gibbous Moon 62 percent.
 I didn't see it at first. . . clouds going over it.
 The Duck is across the street.
 The turtles are playing.
 The clouds and trees are reflections in the canal.
 We know who THAT is. . .the alligator is almost the same
color as the pipe he's scooted into.
 This is a cactus exactly like I had growing indoors in the north.
This one is Growing new cacti and is blooming outside.
 When the sun 'finally' came up, it is beautiful.
 If there is a plane or a helicopter. . .I'm on it with the camera.
 Squirrel but wouldn't come to me like ours do. (I do carry food.)
 Pigeon resting in the sunshine.
 The close-up.  Keeping a watch on me.
 Such a beautiful sunrise.
Sometimes memories sneak out of my eyes and roll down my cheeks.

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