Monday, August 3, 2015

Moon, Clouds, Sunrise, Anhinga, Turtles, Ducks, Ibis and Crab Spider

Sunrise this morning.
 Clouds to the north were pink.
 Ibis directing traffic.
 Moon was beautiful this morning looking west.
 Closeup of the moon and the pink clouds.
Dark clouds southeast.
Wispy clouds looking north and overhead.
These two ducks flew in when they saw me. . .
The larger one stopped traffic walking across. . .
The 2 Ibis flew in. . . . Breakfast for all this morning.
Usually Anhinga has caught breakfast and is on the 
bank eating it. . .not yet. She's in the water with turtles. . .
. . .trying to catch her breakfast.
Canal is beginning to be overgrown.
Sunrise with reflections in the canal.
Sunrise at the canal, sorry about the wires.
Crab Spider on my porch. . .I've had to shoe the
maintenance guy and the bug guy away.
I think s/he's gorgeous.
Memories by Regina Puckett
Memories are often disguised and veiled
As snatches of feelings and thoughts inhaled
But with each and every telling and repeating
These collected truths take a gallant beating
They become our unique and jeweled prize
Of made-up reminiscences and treasured lies.

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