Thursday, August 20, 2015

Sunrise, Clouds, Reflections, Plane trouble(?), Canal, and Turtles

Clouds and some sun this morning.
 Very early morning clouds.
 Pink Clouds
 Plane began to descend to land. . . .
 Turned completely around toward me then. . . .
 . . . went in for the landing.
 Clouds with sun. . . .
 . . . reflecting off house.
 Sunrise a bit earlier.
 Later Sunrise.
 . . with lots of clouds.
 Turtles and cloud reflections in canal.
When you go through a disappointment or something unfair happens, instead of getting discouraged say, “God, I know what was meant for my harm, You’re going to use to my advantage. You said You’d give me beauty for ashes.” Stay in faith knowing that He has something better in store. ~ Joel Osteen

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