Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Sunrise, Clouds, Turtles, Planes, Crab Spider and Alligator

Clouds from South were reflecting Sunrise. Ibis on light.
 Clouds in SE were gorgeous.
 Rays from the Sunrise this morning.
 As the Sun arose, the clouds brightened.
 Alligator close up today. . .he's backed into the drainage pipe.

 Plane taking off while I'm at the canal.
 I moved to get the tree perspective of the plane.
 Lots of Turtles as usual.
 At my porch there is a Crab Spider, his white face is on the other side, 
but when I take the pic into the sky, it darkens and can't be seen.
 Worry is your imagination playing a movie about something you do not want to happen.

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