Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Clouds, Sun Rays, Canal Reflections, Ducks, Ibis, and Moon

Early morning 57 percent Moon
Sun and Clouds
Two pups playing in the Clouds
Whale Cloud!
 Different clouds at different stages of my walk.

 Sun, Clouds and Palms.
 Moon later in morning and cloud.
 Pink and Dark Clouds early morning.
 Clouds and Sun Rays.

 Clouds in sky and Reflected in canal.
 Duck and Ibis across the street.
 We had to slow cars so she could carefully walk across.
 Ibis and 2 Ducks.
 Reason she crossed the street.
 Are you sure you don't have food in that pocket?
 Strange Cloud. . .'trail'?
A trusted friend who has been there for U at your lowest points in life isn't a friend anymore. They're family.

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