Friday, December 11, 2015

Dark Clouds, Sunrise, Birdie Meeting, Turtles and Alligator

What a difference a day makes. . .yesterday I was walking through clouds (fog) and today I am looking at lightening around the clouds (I waited to walk). The dark clouds are hanging around. It is storming on the coast.

 There is a bit of Sunrise peeking through.

 The clouds are tipped with the sunshine.
 Birdie Meeting.
 Uh-Oh. . . What do I see. . . .Turtles and. . .
 Yep. . . Alligator is back. . .
 Heron and Moorhen. . . 'Are you sure its Ok?'
 'Yikes, I don't know!'
 Canal. . .Storm is out to the East.
Opinions don’t matter: impact does. And you know when you’ve had an impact regardless of anyone else’s opinion.

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