Saturday, December 12, 2015

Planes, Clouds, Sunrise, Ducks and Reflections

Yesterday I was out and about. . .no clouds.
Here comes a plane going toward the airport. . .
 Still coming. . .
 Overhead. . .
 . . .there he goes.
 Sunrise, but lots of clouds around.
 Some clouds are dark.
 Some are orange tipped.
 Mixture of clouds and sunrise.
 There is a plane in this one.
 Bird on a rooftop.
 Two Ducks and their reflections.
 This duck is on the rock above the canal.
 Three ducks waiting . . .
 Canal and Clouds (reflections).
 Clouds reflections on the windows.
 This guy looks like he's thinking so hard there is smoke above him.
Don’t just count the days make the days count.

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