Wednesday, April 20, 2016

 Last night the moon was amazing. . large clouds above it.
 Golf cart chasing ducks. . .
 . . .they flew to water.  Babies couldn't go that fast. . .
no baby ducks in sight.  Not many birds at all now.
Clouds and trees reflected in canal.
Sunrise trying. . .so many dark clouds in the East.

 2 Ibis. . . and reflection.
 Not many turtles either. . Reflections in canal.
 Two Ibis much alike. . .and their reflections.
 Sunrise and clouds.
 More clouds and sunrise.
 Finally, she cleared her cloud covers.
 Squirrel up the tree.
 . . and higher. . and Clouds.
 Real trees across the street. Good shade.
 Great clouds in the south.
 North Blue sky and Clouds. . . wait what do I see. . .
 . . . a baby elephant.
You can’t fix yourself by breaking others.

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