Monday, April 18, 2016

Sunrise, Clouds, Ibis, Canal Ripples and Reflections, Hibiscus and Moon/Star/Clouds last night

Moon, Jupiter and Clouds last night.
 Going to church. . . at stoplight.
Many different clouds at Sunrise today.
4 Ibis
Windy day. . . ripples and cloud reflections in canal.
 2 Ibis on canal bank
 Dark Clouds at Sunrise.
 Clouds and Sun.
 Finally, a bit of blue sky and Sunshine.
 Sunrise and Clouds.
 Sun is up.
 Cloud Bear Cub?
 . . .  or mouse Cloud?
 Totally different looking picture from another perspective.
 Tree reflected in road puddle.
 Tree, Clouds and Blue sky in road puddle.
 Hibiscus this morning.
“Don’t lose sight of the little things. . . they really are the foundation for larger things.” Cameron Morrissey

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