Saturday, April 9, 2016

Sunrise, Planes, Chem Trail, Ducks, Squirrel, and Reflections

First Sunrise of the day. . .
 . . . just a bit later.
 Reflections on the clubhouse windows of Sunrise.
 Sun came all the way up and bounced off the windows.
 Plane going behind Palm. . .
 . . just about on the other side.
 Another plane between Palm and light.
 Chem Trail. . .Plane going by. Sun beams on Palm.
 Duck and black bird on bank. . .the Reflections of the trees
in the water are so precise.
 Three ducks flying over, saying Hello to ducks below.
 Only clouds except around the Sunrise.
 Two ducks on the road. . .
 . . .and 2 ducks on the bank.
 WHAT????? You forgot Breakfast AGAIN!
 How could you. . .as he comes right up to me and
sniffs my shoes. . .looking like he wants to climb up.
 On may way back home, I see another squirrel in
the Palm. . .making noises. . .what's the message!
My plant is finally making a come back, I did pull out some 
dead leaves. The new growth is fantastic.  The Pelican has
Aloe in her.  The porch won't come clean, tried all kinds of
solutions and professionals, etc. So, I live with it. 
Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness ~ Desmond Tutu

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  1. All wonderful done nature shots! ~ Good to 'see you' again ~ how are you? Hope all is well ~

    Happy Weekend to you, ^_^