Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Chase, Grackles, Ducks, Bougainvillea, Clouds, Sunrise, Ibis and Bell Flowers

The 2 Grackles were talking up a storm.
 The guy in golf cart was scaring away the ducks.
Incidentally, we haven't see the baby ducks lately.
 Two adult ducks flew into the water. I've seen him chase
the ducks to the street and they've almost been killed by cars.
 Reflections of Clouds and Trees in the canal.
 Many different types of clouds.
 Clouds and Sunrise.
 Sun Clouds and Palms.
 Bougainvillea bush.
 Sun rays and clouds.
 Dark clouds and Sunrise with Rays.
 Sun Rays and Clouds.
 Cloud patterns and Palm tree that . . .
 .  . is reflected in the puddle.
 Ibis debugging the lawn.
 Bell flowers around the tree.
Dreams are extremely important. You can’t do it until you imagine it.

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