Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Clouds, Sunrise, Palms, Reflections, Ducks, Ibis, Turtles, Plane and Red Plant

Dragon Cloud. . .Thinking Cloud!
 Plane going across the sky of Clouds.
 Sunrise and lots of Clouds.
 Mostly Dark Clouds around.. .. no rain predicted.
 Dark Clouds lots of sun showing through.
 Lacy Palm Tree and Sunrise backdrop.
 Heart Cloud.
 Playground for Teens, Mom and Ibis
 Another Sunrise. . Clouds.
 Mom turned around to tell kids, no swimming today.
 Mom and Ibis, black bird and Teens.
Cloud/Tree Reflections in canal
 Baby Turtle on moms back.
 Turtles. . . Cloud and tree reflections.
 Busy taking pics across the street . . .
I turned around and she was at my feet.
With much sorrow, I told her I had no feed.
 Looks like a Cordyline Red Sister or Twisted Sister plant.
 I think I remember a tire commercial that looks like him.
 Smoke coming out of that magic lantern!
 Sunrise and Dark Clouds this morning.
Take your dreams and the promises God has put in your heart and declare every day that they will come to pass.

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