Saturday, May 28, 2016

Sunrise, Clouds, Moon, Plane, 3 sets of Duck Mom and babies and 2 Duck grandparents

Moon, Clouds and Palms.
 Moon (waning Gibbous) 58 percent, Clouds and 2 Palms.
 White Puffy Clouds.
 Plane. . . only one today. . . on a travel weekend?
 White clouds and 2 Palms.
 Sunrise and Clouds.
 Looks like a Cloud Creature wondered in front of the Sunrise.
 Our newest duckling Babies (6)
 As she goes with her babies.  . across the way is another family.
 The Second Duck Family has more babies.
 Across the water is a Third Duck family and Ibis.
 Across the way is Gram. . .
 . . and Gramps.
 Ok, they have exercised and see the other families. . .
 . . .and are coming back.
 OK, Did you remember Breakfast. . .
 YAY . . off he goes. . .
 . . . Yum, good Pistachios.
 Thank You. . .You are welcome.
 White puffy cloud and 2 Palms.
You are a product of your environment, surround yourself with the Best.
It’s our Choice who we Spend our Time with. Choose Positive, Uplifting, Supportive people and watch your life Change.
Terry Alex

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