Thursday, May 12, 2016

Sunrise, Pink Clouds, Ducks, Reflections, Turtles and Plane

 Pink Clouds first thing this morning.
 Sunrise, Clouds and Palms.
 Plane Chem Trail
 Above clouds reflected in Canal.
 Turtles at play. . .Clouds reflected.
 One Duck
 2 Duck
 Puddle reflection of Palm
 Someone walking by reflected in it.
Sculpted bushes.
 2 Puddles . . Palm and Clouds.
 Brown Duck posing.
 Squirrel looking for his home?
 Huge tree used to be there. . .community cut down ALL trees. No shade. . took his home!  Made my home to hot to work/live in and now my Aloe plant is dying and my little tree is having issues.
Don't fall mindlessly into complicated traps that are designed only to steal your joy.
Time to move on!

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