Monday, June 6, 2016

Clouds, Reflections, Ducks, Ibis, Squirrel and Helicopter STORM CLOUDS

 Storm is moving in. . .
Front. . .
 Storms and sun. . .
 Dark Clouds. . .
Earlier today.
Good as it gets. . .Cloudy day. . .named storm COLIN.
OK, I know sun is trying, but she probably won't get the job done.
Covers may be around her too tightly.
 Darkish today. . .Canal reflections. . .no turtles.
 Looking back. . .reflections.
 More and different clouds everywhere.
 Two ducks and a few Ibis and birds.
 Two birds talking it over on canal bank.
 Squirrel in Tree V.
 Squirrel Close up.
 Helicopter in the sky.
Be Flexible, Tolerant & Adaptable with your Daily Thoughts, Actions, Beliefs & Decisions because Nothing Is Written In Stone. ~ Terry Alex

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