Thursday, June 2, 2016

Moon, Clouds, Sunrise, Moorhen, Reflections, Squirrel, Turtles and Flowers

Clouds first thing this morning. . . but I noticed
 . . the moon trying to hide. . .I saw it!
 Good Morning Mr. Spider.
Spider looks like he's among the clouds, but he's tied down with his web.
 Lovely pink clouds until they turned to gold. . .
 as the Sunrise came up. . .
 Two turtles under the bridge.
 Reflection of clouds and bird flying.
 Moorhen and his reflection.
 Glad to see him every morning.
 Squirrel out and about.
Flower and Plants at the corner.
 Clouds. . . alligator?
 Helicopter in the clouds and Palm.
 Another helicopter later in morning and clouds.
Either deal with what is the reality or you can be sure the reality is going to deal with you. ~ Alex Haley

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