Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Sunrise, Clouds, Nature, Ducks, Ibis, Birds, Plane and Reflections

 Brown bird sitting on fence.
 Ducks and Ibis
 Clouds and birds reflected in canal.
 Birds sitting on dead bush branches reflected in canal.
Across the street. . Ducks and Ibis.
 Red-headed Woodpecker? Never seen this one before here.
 Red Flowering bushes in a row.
 Pink/Purple flowering Bush.
 Yellow flowering bush/tree.
 Red, yellow, green and purple.
 Green Palms.
Plane in the cloudy sky.
 West clouds. . . sun reflected.
 West clouds.
Don’t Ever STOP Chasing Your Dreams, You Might Achieve Them Sooner Than You Think.

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