Monday, July 18, 2016

Welcome to Tulsa . . .Stormy and Sirens . . Squirrel . . PENSKE . . . Front Windows and Full Moon

We had sirens for tornado/bad storm warnings.
Do you see anything trying to form?
Clouds were moving pretty fast. . .
. . .it didn't take long for it to start and
 . . .keep going. . .lightening and thunder . . .
 . . . windy and . . .
 lots of rain.
 Those are not birds flying that is debris.
 Moon. . .pretty sky, no clouds!!!
 Moon and trees.
 Yep, sometimes there are clouds. Trees are so very beautiful.
Long time since I've seen these kinds of trees everywhere.
. . and nary a Palm Tree in sight.
 Welcome to Tulsa, Oklahoma. . my NEW home.
 Front windows (reflections). . .
 . . . Pink Flowering bush.
 Hi, are you new here?
 Full Moon welcoming last night. Gorgeous.
Accept what is. Let Go of what was. Have Faith in what can be.

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  1. Glad you have found a new home where you can settle and be near your family. Hugs, Valerie